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How to decrease your blood sugar quickly

      How to decrease your blood sugar quickly and what to do if it is an emergency

How to decrease your blood sugar quickly

✦ To decrease your blood sugar quickly, you need to take greater insulin.

✦ Exercise and hydration can additionally assist decrease blood sugar, however are not usually the most secure or most wonderful options.

✦ If your blood sugar stages are too high, and you do not have insulin or it is an emergency, you must searching for scientific interest immediately.

If you have diabetes, your physique is not in a position to modify blood sugar properly, both due to the fact the pancreas would not produce insulin (type 1 diabetes) or the physique has come to be resistant to it (type two diabetes).

As a result, human beings with diabetes have to cautiously manipulate their blood sugar stages thru diet, exercise, and medicinal drugs to make certain it stays in a wholesome range.

But sometimes, blood sugar can turn out to be too high. In many of these cases, human beings with diabetes will be in a position to shortly decrease blood sugar on their own, with the aid of taking greater insulin. However, different times, they may additionally want to go to the ER for instant clinical attention.

Here's how to inform if your blood sugar is too excessive and what you may want to do in order to decrease it quickly.

What is hyperglycemia?

People with diabetes are regarded to have excessive blood sugar, or hyperglycemia, if blood glucose ranges are greater than:

✦ 124 milligrams per deciliter when you have not eaten

✦ 180 milligrams per deciliter one to two hours after ingesting

While there are different stipulations that can motive hyperglycemia, it is most typically linked to each kind 1 and kind two diabetes. That's why it is essential for humans with diabetes to test their blood sugar the use of blood glucose meters — with the purpose of retaining ranges from getting too low or too high.

In addition, there are different signs and symptoms and signs of excessive blood sugar you may notice.

High blood sugar symptoms
The most frequent signs of hyperglycemia are:

✦ Increased thirst and/or hunger

✦ Blurred vision

✦ Frequent urination (peeing)

✦ Headache


"If any one … has hyperglycemia, it would suggest they would be very thirsty, tired, they would possibly be urinating greater often and essentially no longer feeling well," says Sam Zager, M.D. a household medication doctor in Maine.

How to decrease blood sugar rapidly

How to decrease your blood sugar quickly

Hyperglycemia is now not routinely an emergent situation. Anyone with diabetes is aware of excessive blood sugar readings will happen, and it is okay, as lengthy as it does not ultimate too lengthy or get too high.

If it does occur, right here are a few approaches to rapidly decrease blood sugar on your own:

Take extra insulin

Insulin can be used to deal with acute instances of excessive blood sugar for humans with diabetes.

People with kind 1 diabetes (who continually use insulin) and some humans with kind two diabetes (who occasionally use insulin) can supply themselves an more dose of insulin to shortly decrease their blood sugar to safer levels. How lots to take relies upon on the scenario and what your health practitioner recommends.

Drink water
When you have excessive blood sugar, you might also journey regular urination as your physique tries to get rid of the more glucose. Losing this fluid can reason dehydration and make hyperglycemia signs and symptoms even worse.

It's vital to drink water when you have hyperglycemia in order to continue to be hydrated and assist your physique modify and decrease blood sugar. But ingesting plenty of water may not always decrease blood sugar on its own. For greater information, examine about how lots water you are supposed to drink a day.

Exercise is not constantly the most secure or most fantastic way to rapidly decrease blood sugar. It is necessary to notice that exercising solely works if there is insulin present, whether or not naturally or thru injection, so that glucose can get into the cells to be metabolized.

If there is no insulin, your physique will begin burning fats for energy, and this ought to lead to a unsafe situation known as diabetic ketoacidosis. People with kind 1 diabetes have to no longer workout if they have hyperglycemia.

However, workout can decrease blood sugar for most humans with diabetes — it simply should not be used in emergency situations. In a 2013 find out about in the journal Diabetes Care, extra than 5,000 humans with diabetes recorded their blood glucose stages earlier than and after exercising for as little as 10 minutes. Overall, greater than 75% of human beings noticed their stage minimize an common of about 17%.

Overall, Zager says that exercising is vital for managing diabetes, however warns that it isn't always a exquisite momentary fix. For greater facts on how to manage blood sugars in the long-term, study about the 6 excellent methods to decrease blood sugar naturally.

When to seek medical attention in an emergency 

How to decrease your blood sugar quickly

For human beings with kind 1 diabetes, untreated excessive blood sugar can lead to a life-threatening situation referred to as diabetic ketoacidosis, or DKA.

When there is no insulin and glucose cannot get into cells, your physique starts offevolved breaking down fats into a gas known as ketones. If ketones construct up in your blood, it will become dangerously acidic. DKA can motive very serious fitness problems — such as fluid constructing up in the brain, kidney failure, and cardiac arrest.

In case your blood sugar is above 240 mg/dL, you need to test your urine for ketones, a signal you may be at chance for DKA. You could do that with an at home take a look at, however you furthermore may need to touch your physician. If there are ketones in your urine, you need to visit the emergency room. Different signs and symptoms of DKA consist of:

✦ Elevated respiration rate, or trouble breathing

✦ Breath that smells fruity

✦ Nausea and vomiting

✦ A completely dry mouth

In rare occasions, DKA can arise in people with type 2 diabetes, but the greater commonplace worry for humans with kind 2 is referred to as hyperglycemic hyperosmolar state, or HHS. HHS happens while blood glucose stages are excessive for an prolonged time period. The extra sugar is passed into the urine, causing the individual to urinate frequently and become seriously dehydrated, just like with DKA.  

For human beings with type 2 diabetes, blood sugar above six hundred mg/dL shows HHS. Other symptoms encompass: 

✦ Confusion

✦ Hallucinations

✦ Drowsiness

✦ Blurred imaginative and prescient

✦ Fever 

Those symptoms normally come on slowly, but you should contact your medical doctor right now. Within the ER, docs will probable use insulin to decrease your blood sugar, as well as provide you with fluid and electrolytes, to keep your coronary heart, kidneys, muscles, and nerve cells functioning nicely.


For human beings with diabetes, a single instance of excessive blood sugar is typically not an emergency, so long as it's far addressed. Normally, taking an extra dose of insulin will speedy lower your blood sugar again to regular degrees. However, if you are on insulin and run out, or have symptoms of DKA or HHS, you need to get clinical attention right away.

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